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Well we have had a fabulous easter here at C.O.S.C, our members thoroughly enjoyed their easter lunch and all of our Easter activities were a great success.

We recently celebrated Melvyn McGowan's 60th Birthday here at the Maryport centre. We like to make our members feel special and we do this by marking special occassions like this!

As well as being a member of C.O.S.C, Melvyn is the editor of our newsletter and as a sign of our appreciation for all of his hard work his friends at C.O.S.C bought him a special edition Newspaper which was printed on the day and year of his birth.

Two of our more adventurous members dressed up as exotic dancers for a bit of light hearted fun, which Melvyn loved!!

a great day all round and Mel was very touched by the thought that went in to his special day.

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