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We have recently started to encourage our members to get out and about in the evenings.

We have done this by encouraging our members to use the money they themselves have raised through their own social club, and to use it to pay for accessible transport for ALL. Thus enabling members to access their local community and meet up with the friends they have made at COSC and hopefully make new ones.

Our dedicated staff will be on hand to give support as they have kindly volunteered to give up their evening to help out. This is definately a labour of love though as we enjoy ourselves as much as the members.

Our next social evening will be held at the Maryport centre on Thursday 5th April 2012 and will include a movie, a chinese takeaway and lots of laughs!!

Members have been talking about going for a bar meal on our next social evening, so watch this space to see where we might end up!

For more information you can contact me, Angela Bethwaite, on 01900 819648

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